New at the Nature Center

A Downy Woodpecker out hunting.

A crabby-looking Cedar Waxwing.

An eagle in a tree.

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One Response to New at the Nature Center

  1. maggie says:

    Oh, I’m so pleased you put up some new images, I’ve been checking and finding nothing here for quite a while. I know you think the Cedar Waxwing is crabby, but that’s just his mood, right? I love that one, because they usually don’t come around here much and I think I only have a few images that I took years ago in a small bush in our backyard. Haven’t seen one since.

    oh, and I noticed some people have been spamming your comments, with links to crap and I know there is a wordpress plugin called akismet I believe that will let you trash comments or allow comments before they arrive on your website. There are 2 versions, the basic one is free and works very well.

    Glad to see you are still posting pics, I’ll be back checking for more soon,


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