Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron in the river shallows.

It’s chilly today! It was cold last night, not quite freezing, though. The insects have a small reprieve!

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One Response to Great Blue Heron

  1. maggie says:

    I almost missed this one too. I have to train myself to get past the fact there is no photo on the main page and only on the comment page. I have always thought that heron’s were such elegant birds. I remember an beautiful illustration by the Audubon society of a heron that I d seen ages ago and always thought was so beautiful.

    If this were my photo (geez, not sure if you wanted critique; if you would prefer not to have any, please let me know and I’ll shut my big mouth 😛 ) but I would crop this differently by taking out the ducks completely. I know they add context, but I find they pull my eye and make this shot not as strong compositionally as it could be without them. Still great work, amazing to capture such a great bird and I’m so pleased that you are continuing to take photos! 🙂

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