Day Twenty-Nine

A ladybug hides on a lilac leaf.

These little fellows are year-round residents, although they often try to sneak indoors for the winter.

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5 Responses to Day Twenty-Nine

  1. Andromeda says:

    Lovely detail. I find it interesting how the thick black stripes on it’s head make it look as though the eyes are very big. It gives an impression of one very grumpt ladybug 🙂

  2. maggie says:

    Oh, a ladybug, so cute. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. I think they may find it too cold here in the winter. I just checked online and found out they hibernate in the winter in small cracks in trees etc., and can form a group of 50-100 million of them to keep their warmth. Whoa… see, who knew I would learn so much from everyone’s pictures. I’ve looked up bugs, stone masonery, and even the logos from Buff’s neon signs. It’s been awesome and quite an education. Only one more day to go!!!

  3. Buffmufin says:

    Why is it that some bugs this size are ‘cute’ and some are creepy-scary? Ladybugs are cute and people want them to land on them. The thought of a similar-sized spider landing on me gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  4. RatbarSteward says:

    I love lady bugs! They remind me of 1950’s metal toys.

  5. essjaynz says:

    Amazing details, those black stripes are confusing.

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